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The main doute of most of the people is how we repair machine????????

and the answer is ..... you have to learn how to repair machine 😂😅

we can't tell you about how we repair but we can describe it " we analyze the machine health, battery health, parts health if some part are damaged we can repair or replace part, it depends on the costumer what he/she wants. but first we try to repair that part on board level because board level can cost less than replace of parts. for example if an machine stop working like oxygen constrator we will check it all first we check its fuse check the cable check the connectors

if the problem are not solved we will use you technic to find the problem after the machine is working its time to arrange and pack machine we clean and give an polish shine to it and after that we pack and give back to your costumer safely

no charges are taken from the costumer for pickup and drop machine.🥰 "

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